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ErAkic is one of the manufacturers which producing Paper Packaging Additives, PVC Additives and Auxiliaries, Plastic Extrusion Profiles, Crushing Adhesives, and Wood Adhesives. As a Terminal Solution Provider, ErAkic is committed to providing the best quality solutions for specific projects. No matter from cost performance, product quality, product extensibility or other aspects, it can give customers the most satisfactory results.

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Anhui ErAKic Material Technology Co., Ltd, formerly known as Zengcheng Sanzhou Co., LTD, was founded in April 2000. Under the guidance of ZongXiang Bu's management ideas and business philosophy, S···

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PVC Stabilizer Market by Type, by Application, by Region

PVC stabilizers are used to enhance the processability, performance, or appearance of PVC. There are several types of PVC stabilizers such as lead, tin, organic, and mixed metal stabilizers. These stabilizers are used to maximize the performance of PVC to which they are added for fulfillment of the...

Discover the Secret of Calcium - Zinc stabilisers

These materials are generally based on metal carboxylates and will sometimes incorporate other elements to boost performance such as aluminium or magnesium. Because the heat stability in some applications may require some enhancement when using calcium/zinc, organic co-stabilisers will also often be...

The Opportunity of Plastic additives in PVC

PVC is largely used in construction applications such as pipes, floors, window frames, fittings, cables & electrical cable, profiles and etc."The stabilizers segment is the largest type segment of the global PVC additives market"Based on type, the stabilizers segment accounted fo...

The Reason That Why PVC Ca/Zn Stabilizer Became Popular

The most evident trend in PVC heat stabilizers is the quickening phase-out of heavy metals, principally cadmium and lead. Barium, a key component of many of the cadmium-replacement stabilizer systems for flexible PVC may be the next metal to come under scrutiny in the future for toxicity. Consequent...

PVC Calcium Zinc Stabilizer Can Add Value to PVC Products By Increasing Its Performance

The calcium-zinc stabilizer has been widely used for its non-toxic, inexpensive, good lubricity and the combination of long-term thermal stability of calcium soaps with good initial coloring of zinc soaps. However, due to thermal stability is not high, for a long time for the thermal stability of th...

Basic Knowledge of Calcium Zinc Stabilizers

Calcium zinc stabilizers can be divided into two sections:Powderycalcium zinc stabilizerandliquid calcium zinc stabilizerSolid calcium zinc stabilizerCalcium and zinc stabilizer appearance was mainly white powder, flaky, paste.Powder calcium and zinc stabilizer is used as the most...

Calcium-zinc Stabilizers Became More And More Important In PVC Processing

Stabilizers are indispensable additives in the production and processing of many plastics and elastomers. Heat and light stabilizers ensure safe processing and protect products against premature aging and weathering. Especially in the manufacturing of products made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), sta...

How Stabilizers Add More Value To PVC

PVC has a versatility that helps it meet the various needs of modern architecture. In addition to new projects, PVC is also widely used in refurbishment where it often replaces traditional materials such as metals and wood.Key propertiesStrong and lightweightPVC’s abrasion resistance, light w...